Facts About Honey Your Never Knew

I am simply fascinated by these facts. This little run down is full of honey facts that will make your eyes grow wider than if you had been stung by a bee. When you visit the supermarket and see rows upon rows of jars of honey, have you ever contemplated what work has gone into assembling so much?

Imagine those rows of honey jars replicated up and down the country and in shops across the world. Now consider this, it takes the nectar from 2 million flowers to make one simple jar of honey which weighs one pound. Incredible huh? Further still, one million tonnes of the golden nectar is created and sold each year.

Without bees, flowers wouldn't be able to pollinate and they do this by flying around all day long. To make that one pound of honey, a single bee would need to clock up at least 90,000 miles. When was the last time you thanks a bee instead of shooing it away when it buzzed? Eh eh?

And please mind your manners, there are ladies present. All worker bees are female. A single colony can contain up to 10,000 worker bees, all busy mining honey for breakfast table. That's a lot of female chatter.

If you have ever thrown honey away because you felt it may have expired, then may well feel a little embarrassed to learn that as far as we know, honey can outlast anybody. A jar of honey that was made 2000 years ago, was as tasty as the day it was made, 2000 years, so don't throw out any more honey, honey!

If there's a new honey product on the market, then it's only the product itself that is. Bees have been making honey for 150 millions years. Of course they don't really see that statistic from our point of view. Honey is merely the means by which they feed their larvae during the off season.

Honey has a variety of health benefits which we have been taking advantage of for several thousands of years and perhaps just a little bit longer. It holds within its liquid base many antioxidants, antiseptic and bactericidal properties which can be used to soothe coughs and help to heal cuts.

Did you know that honey bees been only require one ounce of honey to enable it to circumvent the globe? If only humans could learn how to power our transport in a similar fashion.