The Heath Benefits Of Honey

What do use honey for? and more essentially what has it been used for in the past and can still have those same benefits today. The majority of us spread honey on our toast and sandwiches, others use it as a sweetener in tea, and because it's so much sweeter than sugar you can use less of it.

But are there any real health benefits associated with the use of honey? The experts believe there are! While Mary Poppins may have sung that "A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.." She should have perhaps sung about honey instead.

Honey is full of naturally occurring antioxidants and has bactericidal and antiseptic properties which makes it an all purpose medicinal quality that is well worth having around the home.

The Application Of Honey For Ailments And Cuts

I confess I never really considered putting honey on an open cut but it can be used as a natural remedy. The Honey Association in the UK tell us that "Honey is a mild antiseptic and can help to keep external wounds, such as cuts and minor burns, clean and free from infection. By absorbing the moisture around the wound, honey can help to prevent the growth of bacteria."

That's the gospel from the people who should know. The majority of us however, without really basing it on any scientific fact, use honey in hot toddys and cups of tea when we have a sore throat or a brutal cough. Those professional medicines you buy at the pharmacy aren't just for sweet tasting medicine.

For colds, coughs, sore throats and flu mix honey with lemon juice or eucalyptus oil to quell the coughing and ease soreness and for a more beneficial night's sleep.

Hitting The Gym And All Round Life Benefits Of Honey

Forget your Red Bull and other stimulants that offer to give you instant energy. Many knowledgeable gym fanatics, before they take to the weight machine or go running know that a banana with a tea spoon of honey will provide just as good an energy release and is far more natural.

Honey contains natural unrefined sugars and carbohydrates which the body readily absorbs quicker than half the junk sold on the shelves of supermarkets as energy drinks and far more healthy.

Although records only show that humans knew about honey having medicinal properties for several thousands of years. I believe it's quite obvious that with or without cultivation of bee harvests that humans and Neanderthals have been enjoying the taste and benefits of honey for at least a half a million years.